An Inspired Thought

” Our calling in Christ is conceived in prayer and birthed in ACTION.”

But HOW do we take Action? The Bible tells us that ‘Iron sharpens iron.’ This is, I believe, the Lord’s way of telling us we need each other to encourage our calling. Sometimes, it seems, we just can’t see clearly the way forward to fulfill the dream God has put on our heart. Furthermore some of us need help to see the dream in our hearts in the first place. This is not meant to criticize, ┬ábut merely to be realistic in assessing our current place in the Lords’ plan for us individually.

My role, as a Christian Life Coach, is to help Clients get from where they are now to where the want to be – expressed as a Goal! Then to hep them take action to achieve that Goal by encouraging them and increasing their motivation and self-confidence. The process aims to stimulate thought through patient questioning and active listening. Resultant thoughts are translated into motivation by the promise and effective visualization of the great benefits that can be achieved.

There is plenty of space for The Holy Spirit to speak and inspire progress; often the results are ‘miraculous!’ You may read more about my Ministry at:


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