Sell the Sizzle not the Sausage!

My years in advertising taught me to focus on selling the benefits of a product or service and not so much what it looks like or what is it made of; not even what it costs.

What people want to know is what it can do for them; how it can improve their life or enhance their image. Once they have brought into the benefits they are half way to making a purchase.

It makes me think about the benefits of the Kingdom of God. Apart from securing for my soul Eternal Salvation, I can now also look forward to a life here and now of joy, peace, love and purpose. But at what price? Yes I’ve lost much in the process. I’ve lost my independence, my self-sufficiency, my right to judge, condemn and criticise people for the wrong they’ve done. I’ve also lost the emotional and physical ties I’d had to Earthly-pleasures, and my right to do what I want! But I now have a new goal, and that is to package my product, as it were, of Salvation in such a way that I can captivate the minds and hearts of unsaved folk I come across. My purpose is to communicate the benefits I have experienced through my own testimony; and I need to do it in such a way that they will consider the cost I’ve paid to be something of a bargain compared with what I have acquired.

Jesus told us to be witnesses to the World – each of us our own ‘Marketers of Salvation.’ Could it be that we now need to think about how we are going to fulfill this Great Commission; how exactly are we going to reach our world with the great benefits of the Kingdom; what resources we need and who we will we need to help us!


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