What do you see?

The Bible tells us we perish through lack of vision. We don’t physically perish of course but stagnate, which to the Believer is akin to perishing!

But you say: ‘I tried that vision-thing years ago and it didn’t work.’ Feelings of failure and disappointment can render us incapable of taking further risks and so we play it safe, staying rooted to our seats both in church and in life!

This is a tragic situation for the Believer and leaves us wondering why some people seem to get on in life and others don’t. We begin to question whether our vision was wrong or worse still: was it simply me that was wrong!

Perhaps one answer is that, at the time, there just wasn’t an ‘enterprise culture’ in the church to take on and encourage vision; rather like at one time – not too long ago – there wasn’t an enterprise culture to facilitate aspiring entrepreneurs. All that is now changing, thankfully, due to popular tv programmes such as ‘The Dragon’s Den.’ We have finally begun to realise that our future prosperity is dependant upon ‘ordinary people’ with great ideas and vision – together with ‘experts’ who have the necessary influence and resources to make it happen!

So what is the vision God has given you? Maybe you could begin by writing that vision; crystallising it; honing it and then rehearsing it in your mind as to how you would best present it to say a ‘Dragon’ or a leader of your church. The idea could be related to business, ministry, creativity – or whatever. The important thing is to get your idea from your mind into a tangible form.
Seek key people who are in a position to make your vision happen. Pray for God’s wisdom as to how to take your vision forward. And consider engaging a Life/Business Coach who will help translate your vision to do-able goals and hold you accountable to fulfilling those goals so as to realise the end vision.

Great ideas are not for certain people only but for those who dare to dream. The most exciting part though is in turning that dream into reality.


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