How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are easy to make but easier to break!
It begins with a heartfelt desire to change an aspect of your life: perhaps, for example, to learn a new skill; to manage money more carefully; to eat more healthily; to get fit; reduce time spent watching TV or to change an aspect of negative thinking!
All good stuff! But, if you are really serious about changing your life for the better you are going to have to make realistic goals that are both achievable, timed and written in the present tense.
So, for example, your New Year’s Resolution is to utilise, for the Kingdom, a natural God-given gift you have. Let’s say for example, you want to express your organisational skills in the church. You ‘Goal Statement’ would read:
“I am utilising my organisational and clerical skills in the church by end of June 2011.”
You will then need to be accountable to someone you respect; someone with whom you can bounce ideas; who will challenge any unrealistic expectations and help encourage you to fulfil your Goal.
The next part of the process is to establish an ‘Action Plan’ as a means of achieving your Goal Statement. Again, your Action Plan is written in the present tense, is achievable and is timeframe, so you know when you have to achieve it.
So for example, to achieve the above Goal of utilising your organisational and clerical skills within your church; you could write and agree the following plan:
“I have contacted the church office by end of January 2011 to see whether they have any need for my skills.”
Again, your trusted friend, mentor or coach will keep you on track and will encourage you to keep going when the going gets tough. Eventually, as you persist in pressing towards the goal, you will achieve your Resolution. It may take longer than you’d thought; it may be that your plan is realised in a way you’d never have imagined; perhaps for example helping in another church, ministry or company. But you will achieve it.
Whatever you do in pursuing your goal, be sure to reward yourself with a valuable treat when you fulfil it – perhaps a meal out or a new item of clothing – this is the invaluable ‘carrot’ that will keep you going.
So remember: the difference between success and failure is, 1.Goal Setting, 2 Action Planning, 3 Someone to be accountable to and who will encourage you; and finally, 4. A special treat when you succeed.
Make this year a year of revolution and actually achieve your resolution!


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