Do you focus on your weaknesses or your strengths?

Question: What are you really good at? What inspires you and excites you?

Take a moment to write down what comes to mind. Allow you imagination to soar! Get in touch with the ‘God-part’ of you – the child in you created in His image and in His likeness – and see what comes to the surface.

Allow Him to inspire you to be prosperous and successful.

Is it to help others help themselves?
Is it to encourage others in their talents and abilities?
Maybe it is the ability to read between the lines and understand what people are really saying?
Or is it to represent the beauty of God’s Creation through art, writing, music etc.

The list is as endless as there are different people – each of us uniquely gifted to operate in our God-given way. And as we choose to operate in our unique gifting we are actually denying the weaknesses in our character.

All too often these weaknesses are waiting in the wings to hijack our God-given strengths, consuming our thoughts with fear, hurts, disappointments and failure.

But, there is a higher way of thinking: it is the way of positive faith.

We can only hold one thought at a time in our minds; thoughts that are good or bad; life or death. Fear or faith. The choice is ours.

“Easier said than done,” you might say. And that’s the very point: it is easier to say than to do. We say first and our actions follow what we say.

Why not take some time now to allow your thoughts to sour in the Heavenlies; to think what God thinks about you. Then spend some time repeating back to Him, with Thanksgiving, what He is telling you.

Your actions will surely follow what you say; that is if you think and say them long and hard enough.

There is a process to this of course and there will be times when you feel like giving up. So please: ensure you have a prayer-partner or mentor/coach to be accountable to; someone who will help keep you going.

Together with the Holy Spirit you will surely find good success!

Peter j Foster 27 April 2011

Christian Musical


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