Coaching your Hidden Talents

How to identify and encourage Christian Gifts and Talents in yourself and others.

We each have God-given talents to use but how many of us actually know what they are and whether they would they be accepted anyway.

There is a fear within the Body of Christ that causes deep wounds, frustration and sometimes a ‘falling away’ from Fellowship. All too often talents and gifts are not noticed.
Not surprisingly many have shut down to any passion they might have had to express their God-given talents. They tried and tried and finally gave up!

The Lord makes it very clear in the Gospels that He wants us to ‘Invest’ into the Kingdom the talents he has given us. This is God’s means of producing Increase.

But how do we do it? And would our talents be accepted anyway?

Firstly, we have to know what talents we have before we can utilise them in the Kingdom. So, lets take the ‘Talents Test.’ Please answer the following questions:

* What do you love doing?
* What are you most interested in?
* What came naturally to you as a child?
* What are your parents talents? (This may give you a clue as to what yours are.)
* Who’s talents do you admire, desire – or even envy!?
* Ask a close friend what they would say is your natural gifting and talents.
* What talents have you deliberately shutdown through fear of failure, not being accepted or disappointment?

As Christian church goers we desire, of course, to express our talents within the Body of Christ. But, alas they are not always needed or acknowledged.
So firstly, we must decide to not confine ourselves to the church setting. We can practise and ‘hone’ our crafts outside the church: amongst friends and family, or within our home-groups.

A lady in our church spent many years writing little prophetic notes to members of the church she felt the Lord speaking to. She was practising and honing her craft very discretely. A few years on she is a leader in the church and has a very powerful prophetic ministry. But, she was prepared to start small.

If your talent is for say song writing, you could try them out in your home group or amongst a few friends; maybe even ‘Busk’ them in the street or at ‘Open-Mike’ sessions in cafe’s or bars.

If your talent is for preaching or teaching the Bible, ask for a ‘slot’ in a small group setting before asking to lead a church meeting.

Also, why not find yourself a Mentor or Life Coach; someone who will encourage you to be the very best you can be.

These are all common sense strategies for not only trying out your talents but also for avoiding disappointment in being ‘turned-down’ in the church setting.

But whatever you do, do not hide your talents under a ‘Bushel.’ The world is very active in expressing their gifts and talents – so why not us?


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