Difference between Christian Life Coaching and Counseling

Difference between Christian Life Coaching and Counseling

Christian Counseling is an effective therapy concerned with the healing of negative experiences and hurtful events from the past.

Christian Life Coaching is concerned with the pursuance of God-Inspired Goals for a more fulfilled future – in Christ.

Having said that, in my experience, I have found the two disciplines can work well together where there is a desire to move on in life goals but is hindered through emotional damage, unbelief or fear impending fruitful living.

In these cases I have either suggested they seek Counseling or, by the grace of God – where the issue is not overly complicated – I have ministered to them in prayer within the Coaching framework so as to move them on in productive Goal achievement.

I have noticed the healing of past issues comes sooner knowing that they are being healed for purpose.

Christian Life Coaching is a collaborative experience between the Coach, the Client and the Holy Spirit. It seeks to produce Goal-oriented outcomes for a better present and future – in Christ. It is the horse that goes before the carriage; the life plan that drives the vision. It is action-oriented in that it provides a route map towards achieving desired goals.

Christian Counseling, meanwhile, ensures all the parts are functioning well so as to undertake the journey.

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