Can Christians benefit from Life Coaching?


My conviction is that the Ministry of Coaching is a missing key in the Body of Christ.

Let me explain why I believe coaching can help fulfill all that God the Father has placed on our heart.

As an example, the Preacher brings a stirring message on the subject of, say, Biblical Hope (which was in fact the subject of my previous Post:
We are encouraged to believe that God is good and that He has a great plans for our live’s; plans to prosper us and to give us a future and a hope. (Scrip ref: Jerem: 29:11)
We are excited as we leave the Church Service and are resolved to change our attitude and perspective because we now know what a loving Father we have who takes care of our every need!

For the rest of the day we talk excitedly about God’s goodness and His great plans for our future.
By the end of the next day, however, we are once again bogged down with the care’s of this world! It’s not that we don’t want to do exploits for the Lord, it’s just that… well, we’re stuck! We just don’t seem to have the momentum to keep going.

To go back to the example of producing ‘Biblical Hope’ – this is a promise for those who will meditate on the Word long enough for Hope to become a reality in the heart. It isn’t so much ‘Hope’ that we are trying to get, but the promise from God’s Word to be established in our heart. That’s where the power is to bring about faith, which in turn produces the substance of the thing you have been hoping for.
This is all about ‘believing’ of course and it does take time to develop. It is not an easy thing to do on our own! Like many of the plans God has for us there is a process involved which includes mind renewal, time and faith.

‘Two are better than one’ (Scrip ref: Eccl. 4:9)

A skilled Christian Life Coach will help drawer out of you all that God has placed in you so as to accomplish the plans He has for you. He will be there helping you to “Press towards the Goal.” (Phil 3:14)

* He will keep you accountable to performing tasks. (such as in the example above regarding developing ‘Hope’)
* He will encourage you, challenge you and keep you on track.
* He will ask you those loaded questions that will drawer out of you the answers you need.
* He will encourage and empower you to take responsibility for your own life.

In conclusion, may I offer you a FREE Trial Coaching Session for you to investigate yourself the power of Life Coaching. What can you loose? Or even better still: What can you gain?

Choose any subject you like for the free session: Relationships, Finances, Health, Wholeness, Healing, Enterprise, Business Start-up’s, Creativity and Talents.

This Offer is open to both male and female Believers.

Please Click Here for Your Free Complimentary Life Coaching Session

I look forward to giving you the Keys to Breakthrough!

Peter j Foster April 2013

photo credit: The Happy Rower via photopin cc


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