Christian Coaching in the Word


It is not enough merely to hear a Bible teaching on say, “The joy of the Lord” and then profess a willingness to change and everything will be ok! Joy is a fruit of the Spirit and does not come about over night. What we need is a definite plan to take steps and apply Truth to our life.

Christian Life Coaching is the perfect process because it requires defined actions in pursuing the things of God and developing faith. Let me explain.

The heart of Life Coaching is to help drawer out of us what God has already placed in us. It is a process of interaction between the client and the Life Coach – with the Holy Spirit helping so as to bring about the desired transformation.

In the example of say “The joy of the Lord”, we know that the Bible tells us the truth shall make us free, which is a real comfort to us because, of course, we all want to be free! So, “The joy of the Lord” has been preached and we spend the rest of the day in a happy glow, excited about our future and all God has for us. But it doesn’t continue automatically!
In order to continue in the joy of the Lord we must count the cost and accept that it does not come without commitment. It is through faith and patience that we inherit the promises.

This is where Christian Life Coaching can be of great help in keeping us accountable in our commitment to joy, (or any other Grace for that matter.)
Barriers to entering into His joy would be explored together with a strategy for maintaining joy – even when the whole world is screaming fear and panic!

The joy of the Lord is a choice, made available by Grace, to the Believer. Life Coaching keeps us accountable to casting down imaginations that are contrary to the Truth of the Word, and resisting any distractions to walking in Truth.
By equipping us with strategies to maintaining victory and the courage to keep pressing towards the goal we find our motivation is increased together with improved self confidence.

We are now truly “pressing toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 3:14)

Peter j Foster Level 3 BTEC Certificate

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2 thoughts on “Christian Coaching in the Word

  1. Change takes time and we need to have a strong heart and determination to do that. Coaching can guide us and keep us in the right direction. We may want to change but surely, there will be temptations or tests along the way. Coaching will help us get through all of these things.

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