Christian Holidays

Christian Life Coaching

“… He rested from all His work which He had done.” Genesis 2:2

Ten things to review during your summer holidays.

1. Between 1 – 10, how would you rate your over all condition in Life?

2. Between 1 – 10, how much would you like to improve your over all life?

3. What would be your weakest (worst or most troublesome) aspect of your life; for example: physical health, troubled mind, lack of rest, friendships, diet, prayer, Christian Life and Church Life, faith, relationships, finances, or other .

4. Now that you have identified your worst aspects of life, Between 1 to 10, how seriously does it effect you?

5. And, between 1 – 10 how determined are you to improve your worst aspects of life.

6. Now write down your worst aspect of life. Write it out in large letters and look at it closely. Name it. Shame it. Try underlining it, not to give it undeserved attention, but to make sure you know exactly what you are dealing with – and how serious it is!

7. Now that you’ve named it, tell it ‘it’s time is up!’

8. Now consider what it will take to get free of this ‘thing!’

9. Between 1 – 10, which of the methods listed below have you considered or tried so as to get free from it. And which of them was the most effective.

* Promising yourself you will change.
* Repenting.
* Rebuking it.
* Seeking counselling
* Confessing sins.
* Beating yourself up every time you are tempted and slip!

10. There is perhaps an approach you have not yet tried. Let me introduce you to it –

“Christian Life Coaching”

The reason why I suggest this is because – you’ve got it, I am a Christian Life Coach!

Let me tell you why I am a Life Coach and why – by way of this testimony – I ask you to consider Coaching to help with troublesome areas of your life.

“Peter, you have been as a human light unto my path. Thank you for all your help in the coaching sessions. I have managed to learn where I’m at and how to start making changes in how I am to do things. Most importantly cultivating and drilling into myself the fact that God loves me and all things shall be added unto me. I’m certain the Lord lead me to you. I needed to hear from Him and you were the channel He used!” C. Berks, UK

Is there an area of your life in which you are seeking breakthrough, help or encouragement?
Life Coaching offers a professional and supportive effort to empower clients to move towards, and achieve their desired goals.

You only need to contact me with a short account of your present need and we can book you in either day or early evening.

The Free Coaching Session is by phone or Skype. Although I am based in UK, location in the world is not a problem.
Please visit my website (International clients welcome)


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