How To Overcome Fear of Failure



Fear of failure is actually the ‘Fear of Man!’

Fear of Failure It is the shame that comes from being over concerned with what others think of us!  Will they accept us? Will we fit in? What are they saying and thinking about us?

Fear of failure will cripple our walk with the Lord!

We are so busy assessing what others think about us we lose sight of the fact that we are supposed to be living for Jesus and not for man!

Fear of failure has the potential to shut us down to ‘stepping out’ for Jesus. Fact is, we couldn’t bear the shame of getting it wrong! More fear, more failure!

In an effort to make ourselves look good on the outside we work on our appearance. We dress well; we smile and make ourselves look acceptable. We adopt an attitude and appearance of ‘having it all together!’ Alternatively, we simply give up!

The root of fear of failure is fear of rejection!

The tragedy is that God did not design us this way. This is what ‘Life’ has put upon us!

As ‘teens’ and young adults we would get up to all manner of mischief! Our elders would rebuke us. They would say: “Do you have you no shame!”

True, it was wrong for us to have done those things, but the cure for sin is not found in self effort, but in the finished work of the Cross of Jesus! He alone bore our shame! He bore our fear of failure and has become our Righteousness with God the Father – for us, on our behalf!

It is Jesus that lives. The life we now live in the flesh we live by faith in Him. (Gal. 2:10)

In the flesh, I can’t get it all right! I can’t get it all together! I have to die daily to me and choose to live through Him. And when I’m living through Jesus I’m living His Life. I’m living  confidently , courageously, lovingly and accepting of others. This is truly giving God the glory  – it is living through Jesus!

I ‘become’ as Christ in this World.

If you are on a journey of overcoming fear of failure, you do not need to suffer alone. As a Christian you are loved and accepted just as you are. God choose you and drew you to Himself. He has all the resources you need in His Kingdom to make you FREE and to know that ‘in Christ’ you are a great success! Do you want help in knowing your great value as a child of the Most High God.?

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