Surviving the Storms of Life

Before you make a move of faith; a change of direction, a new home, a new country – make sure you have heard from the Lord on the matter. Let that be your reason for making the move and not simply your own desire.

Storms of Life

Storms of Life

Here are some helpful tips to Surviving the Storms of Life and help get you to the other side!

 1. Don’t go it alone. You are going to need  help: someone to be accountable to – a Life Coach, a Mentor, a trusted friend. It is a lonely journey all on your own and you will be vulnerable to attack!

 2. Keep praying. The Enemy will be out to resist your plans.

 3. When the storms come, remember your initial inspiration to making a move of faith. If it was truly from the Lord, you will surely be tempted. BUT, don’t give up!

 4. Rebuke the storms! Command the wind to be still in Jesus’ Name! And keep declaring the Truth that you will reach the goal of your dream. Why? Because Jesus said you would!

 5. Remember you cannot have faith and fear working at the same time. There has to be a quality decision to serve only faith – without wavering!

 6. But, you might ask: “why does everything has to be so difficult? Why can’t we just cross over to the other side without resistance?”

 7. The answer to the above is that it is not so much the ‘crossing over to the other side’ that is the issue, but what  we need to become in the process. The Lord is looking for OVERCOMES for all Eternity!

If you would like help getting you to the other side: Click Here For Your Free and without obligation INTRODUCTORY  CHRISTIAN LIFE COACHING SESSION. You will be required to fill in a short form. 

I welcome enquiries from UK and Worldwide.




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