Discover God’s will for your Life

Each of us is given but one life! It would be a tragedy to squander this amazing opportunity by living a life imposed on us by others. As good as their intentions may be, if it is not of God, then it is not God’s best for us.

Writing the Vision

Christian Life Coaching

The question is then, how do we know God’s will for our life? And how do we implement this new life? Here are some suggestions –

Forgive ourselves and others if we have been living someone else’s idea of our ‘ideal life!’ The truth is, they probably didn’t realize God has a perfect plan for us: “… to give you a future and a Hope.” (Scripture verse: Jeremiah 29)  They may have thought it is their job to make these life-changing decisions on your behalf. Not so! You have Gods Word on your side and His will is to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Recognize it is not too late to become all that God has planned for you.

Now, take a piece of plain paper and write on it –


Now ask God three simple questions guaranteed to touch His heart:

1. Who do You want me to be Lord?

2. What do you want me to do Lord?

3. What do You want me to do with my gifts and talents?

Now get ready with pen and  paper to ’Write the Vision’ It may come quickly, it may take a while. It may come in fragments; but wait patiently, it will come.

Remember to not  analyze it at this stage. If it  is truly of God it probably won’t make much sense to the ‘natural mind.’ God’s will is often contrary to the natural!

4. Pray for an accomplice to walk this journey with you; someone to be accountable to – a good friend, your spouse, a Leader in your church or a Christian Life Coach who is committed to seeing God’s call upon your life.

5. Pray in tongues! If you have not discovered this wonderful Gift of the Holy Spirit please read an account of how that when Paul the Apostle laid hands on many others (Acts 19:6)  “…and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke boldly for three months, reasoning and persuading concerning the things of the kingdom of God.”

6. When you receive the Vision – REJOICE! And ensure it is written as accurately as possible. Next begin to pray over your vision. Bless What God is doing in your life. Praise Him. Pray in tongues and believe it will come to pass.

If you’d like to bless and encourage others with your God-given ‘Vision’ that has come through this process, please forward it to me and I will publish it on my Christian Coaching Blog

Meanwhile, keep believing!

If you are want help in discovering God’s will for your life: Click Here For Your Free and without obligation FREE INTRODUCTORY  CHRISTIAN LIFE COACHING SESSION. You will be required to fill in a short form. 

I welcome enquiries from UK and Worldwide.

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