Biblical Keys to Breakthrough!

“The Lord has broken through my enemies before me, like a breakthrough of water.” (2 Samuel 5:20)

 ‘Breakthrough’ serves as a dramatic picture of what the Lord would want for us. In this context I am encouraged to do whatever it takes to bring about ‘Breakthrough’ in my life. I desire to lay hold of all that Christ Jesus has laid hold of me – including the promises of healing, wholeness, peace, prosperity and good success.

Biblical Breakthrough is exactly what I need!

 Here are my 7 Keys to ‘Breakthrough!’

Biblical Breakthrough!

Biblical Breakthrough!

1. Jesus has already provided me with every good and perfect gift through the finished work of the Cross. He has ‘Broken through’ on my behalf.

2. I enter into Biblical ‘Breakthrough’ by grace, through faith in Him alone not by might, not by power but by His Spirit.

3. I ask the Father for the gift of grace I need to enable me to stand and stand and stand in faith.

4. I affirm my position of ‘Breakthrough’ – In Christ with praise, prayer, fasting, tongues and worship.

5. I position myself in faith; checking for any confusion, sin or ungodly beliefs.

6. I ‘Stand still’ – in faith – and wait expectantly for the Salvation of the Lord God who is with me, to come through.

7. I thank Him and keep thanking Him; never doubting what I have asked for He is able to complete.

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