A Coaching Culture in every Church

“During the 20 years of being a member of a local church, I have witnessed an abundance of Gifts and Talents not being used! The Heart of God burns for His people to be free to prosper: Spirit. Soul & Body.”

"The Heart of Coaching"

“The Heart of Coaching”

I’m not necessarily talking about those members at the front of the church: the Musicians, Leaders, Preachers etc,. their talent is visibly recognized. What I’m talking about is those members of the congregation who have – through necessity – hidden their talents under a bushel; some through reluctance, some through fear of rejection and some simply because of not fitting in, not understood!

What a waste!

So why is this such an important issue in the Body of Christ? The simple answer is that God gave Gifts to each one of us to be expressed: Gifts to reach the unsaved; Gifts to create Businesses and Employment. Gifts to discover what the Bible calls ‘Witty Inventions’ to change lives for the better and to create new and dynamic Evangelistic programs.

My belief is that we have a remit from the Father to ‘mine’, as it were, the depths of the Church and to uncover latent talent and to harness ‘passion’ for great ideas.

We need to adopt a culture that dares to take to the ‘world’ the principles of ‘The Kingdom’ – in an accountable and orchestrated fashion.

What is needed is a ‘Coaching Culture’, a ‘can-do’ attitude, and a talent for spotting ‘raw- talent’, together with the ‘Heart of God’ to try, test and bring to market, as it were, new ideas.

So, how do we go about adopting a Coaching and Talent-Spotting Culture within every church? Apart from prayer, there are 7 Key’s to making this change, which I will share next week on this Blog site.

Next Week: “How To” Create a Coaching Culture in every Church.

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