How To Develop Life Coaching in your Church.

“One of the reasons that coaching is showing phenomenal returns on investment is the simple dynamic of having another person believe in you and moving alongside you with that belief.” Jesus Life Coach, by laurie Beth Jones, p 24.

Digging for Gold

Digging for Gold

1. What is Christian Coaching.

Life Coaching for the Christian Leader is a desire to see every Church Member as precious gold, given by God, to shine in their particular gifting; and to prosper for His Kingdom.

2. Leadership Teams in their various areas of Church activity would learn to apply basic Coaching Skills to Team Members. The objective being to help extract gifts and talents laying buried – as it were – on the inside of those being Coached, so that they might shine for the Lord on the Outside.

3. In-House professional Training would be offered to Leaders and Heads of Departments. To include: Home Group Leaders, Youth Leaders, Musician Leaders – for the purpose of recognising, developing and encouraging latent Talent.

4. Leaders would, in turn, use their learned Coaching Skills, within their own areas of influence, for the purpose of identifying and developing potential talent; together with meeting defined goals and targets within their particular ‘calling’.

5. Ministries, Outreach Teams and various Teams sent out by the church, with established targets and mission statements, would benefit from accountablility to achieving targets (plus re-setting of targets if necessary) and for having a Coach Leader to encourage and increase their motivation and self-confidence.

6. Having someone come alongside you can be of great benefit (for example please study how Barnabus encouraged his ‘Team’ Acts 4:36). By encouraging and challenging others Barnabus empowered them for Ministry. However, change does not occur because of good Coaching techniques nor by strong will-power, but by the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives!

7. Differentiate between Coaching and Counseling. Understand that some issues in peoples’ lives may need counseling rather than Coaching.

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2 thoughts on “How To Develop Life Coaching in your Church.

  1. Amazing information at this website. Thank you very much Mr. Foster. Very encouraging and absolutely inspiring pearls of wisdom as I look to more professionally pursue Life Coaching from a christian place of reference and love. Thank you for the 30 day affirmations (To be read out loud twice a day, with a big smile…for 30 days).
    Blessings in abundance to you Sir. Virginia, USA

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