How to recognise your Christian Calling

Question: What is God calling you to do? Answer: To use what He has invested in your life; to fulfil a certain purpose and to do it for His glory.

Your Christian Calling

Your Christian Calling

Often God’s purpose and calling in our life comes from pain we may have experienced in our soul. If we have been rejected, for example, we may have a passion for honoring and encouraging the more ‘fragile’ and timid amongst us.

We will not only bring healing to those we reach out to, but will bring healing to ourselves too. Why? Because of the law of sowing and reaping!

But God does not put on us, say, rejection that we might bring healing to others NO! This is simply an affect of the ‘Curse’ and the ‘Fall!’ It never was God’s plan that anyone should suffer. But since we have suffered, God in His grace and mercy, has provided an antidote and that is His Love, for…

“Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not provoked, thinks no evil..” 1:Cor 13:4

How much more should we, for our own healing, operate in His love; that is, to give and receive His love and to love ourselves as He loves us! What a calling…!

If you feel you need help deciding on your Christian Calling…

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