Why Christian Life Coaching?

Ten good reasons for Christian Life Coaching

  • Christian Life Coaching, The missing piece!

    Christian Life Coaching,
    The missing piece!

    1. Everyone is going somewhere. Christian Life Coaching helps you be deliberate as to where exactly you want to go.

  • 2. Then helping you get to where you want to be through tried and tested Coaching skills.
  • 3. The process aims to stimulate thoughts and ideas through patient questioning, active listening and prayerful reflection.
  • 4. Resultant thoughts are translated into motivation by the promise and effective envisioning of the great benefits that can be achieved.
  • 5. Working with a Life Coach increases the likelihood of reaching your desired level of success by 95%
  • 6. A Life Coach will help you recognise and build upon your strengths. He will hold you accountable to implementing your plans – but without telling you what to do!
  • 7. Life Coaching encourages and enhances the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives so as to promote change, healing, sanctification and improved relationships.
  • 8. Someone walking with you to – help look into your life – can be of great value in making changes for the better.
  • 9. A Life Coach is someone who walks alongside a person for a season of life, and Coaches him or her through their desired changes and plans. A Life Coach promotes growth.
  • 10. We are each called to live Holy lives and to engage in the process of sanctification. But we must remember that change does not ultimately occur because of good Coaching techniques nor strong willpower, but because of the work of the Holy Spirit.

If you are seeking positive change in your life; Work, Career, Business, Relations, Gods’ Call upon your life, Getting Unstuck..

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