Christian Breakthrough

The Bible has many powerful Scriptures relatating to us being set free from spiritual and physical bondage and ovecoming all manner of adversity.

(“Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil”)  (Ephesians 6:10.)

Christian Breakthrough!

Christian Breakthrough!

Clearly the Lord’s desire is that we be free from the bondages of the world, the flesh and the devil! In our desperate attempts to be free we hold ‘Breakthrough Meetings’ late into the night. We abstain from foods and activities we think could weaken our faith. And generally we become all ‘fired-up’ to take on the wiles of the devil.

Not wanting to be in any way discouraging nor critisizing of anyone’s response to adversity, I just wanted to share a bit of my own ‘breakthrough’ understanding of defeating the enemy of our souls. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been wondering whether there is a bit of a ‘flaw’ with our response to adversity. My question is: How do we actually know when we’ve broken through?

The only reason I share this is because I too have been seeking ‘Breakthrough’ in the area of physical healing. In fact I’ve been seeking healing ‘breakthrough’ since I became a Christian some 20 years ago. Only now am I beginning to wonder if my current understanding of ‘breakthrough’ is not really helping me. Here, in this Earth, with my feet firmly on solid ground, I see the problem I have is of ill health. (It could equally be a problem of loneliness, financial lack etc,.) So, I stand on the Scriptures that tell me I am healed through Christ’s Atonement.

What normally happens next in my experience of ‘Breakthrough Meetings’ is that we pray, declare Scripture and go into spiritual warfare against the Devil! (And generally get worn-out in the process, making any ill health even worse!)

Years later I think I’ve had a bit of a revelation! I have realised that ‘In Christ Jesus’ I have already broken through! When Jesus rose from the grave He defeated the entire works of the devil. He broke through death on our behalf; so that I – ‘In Him’ – have broken through sickness and disease. ‘In Him’ I am healed. ‘In Him’ I have peace. ‘In Him’ I have fulness of life. Yes, there well be some adjustments to make on my behalf; mostly in the area of how I think about myself and what I speak about myself. This is classic ‘Mind Renewal.’

The Biblical Truth is that, ‘In Christ’, I’m just as much healed as I am saved and forgiven of all my sins. And yet there has to be a working out of my Salvation by faith through what Jesus has done for me (and not by what I try to get out of Him!)

My position has become ‘Believing and Receiving’, rather than ‘Trying to Get it.‘ ‘In Him’ I already have it!

Are you ready to try a new ‘Path of Recovery?’ If so please ask for a Free Trial Coaching Session by Skype or phone. There is no obligation to commit to a course of Coaching Sessions; although if you do, for more information, please view my ‘About Me’ page.


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