Prayer for Peace

Peace like a River

Peace like a River

Biblical peace does not necessarily mean the absence of problems. Neither does it mean the peace that comes with a warm sun shimmering like cut glass upon a languid river. As precious as these moments are they are not to be overly sought as a means of avoiding inevitable problems and challenges of life!

Neither are problems to be expected nor feared!

For us Christians, who have a promise from Scripture that problems will come our way, how then are we to deal with inevitable problems?

The answer is that the promise of peace comes through faith in Christ Jesus; and like any other grace it has to be applied by faith.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9 v 6) We can switch on His peace any time we need – just like we can switch on a light to dispel the darkness.

By turning to Him in troubled times we have the assurance of receiving His peace; a peace that passes understanding.

The key is to remain in Him! For ‘In Christ’ we are filled with the fullness of God. It is received by faith.

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