Coming out of the Box

The Devil wants you in a Box! But God wants you out! Out of the Box!
Often, we may feel we’ve stepped out of the Box – but only with one foot!

The problem is we can so want to keep the things of the world, because we feel so comfortable!

The Kingdom of Heaven is within every Believer – wanting to be released! But the Devil wants us contained; locked up in our fear-based Boxes. But God wants us out!

In Mark 10:46 we see that blind Bartimaeus was in a Box. He was a Beggar and every one recognised him as such. Except that is for Jesus! In the story, the Bible tells us that Jesus goes with His Disciples to Jericho, with the intention of Jesus fulfilling His Destiny at the Cross. Jesus’ face was set like flint! But Bartimaeus, when he heard that it was Jesus approaching cried out: “Jesus, Son of David have mercy on me! Then many warned him to be quiet. But he cried out all the more.” In other words Bartimaeus began to step out of his own Box because he recognised the One who had the power to change his situation. The people cried: “Bartimaeus, don’t trouble the Master.” In other words they were telling him to get back into his Box! But, although Jesus had not planned to stop, He ordered that Bartimaeus should be brought to Him. Bartimaeus threw off his garment – that which had defined him as a Beggar, and in that moment he chose to ‘Step out of the Box.’

Jesus said: “What do you want?…Your faith has healed you.” From that moment Bartimaeaus joined Jesus on the road. He was free and healed and was determined he would not go back into that old box! He realised he had to trust the One who was calling him higher.

God is calling each one of us higher. He wants us to fulfil the potential calling on our lives. But we have to come out of our Boxes. Mark 7 talks about ‘Traditions of Men” which only serve to take away what the Word of God says. We have to stop our traditional thinking and bring the Power of God in to our circumstances

James 1: 5-8 talks about ‘Asking in faith. No doubting.’ Doubting will keep you in the Box.

If you need wisdom to get out of the Box, ask God to get you out. It’s time to examine your self. Do you want to make a change? Are you up for the fight? Don’t forget that Jesus is ever faithful. He is ever working on your behalf to set you free.

Thanks to Tony Sheard who Preached this at Bath City Church UK 7th September. Tony’s website and details:

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