With Wings as Eagles

“God has a plan for you, to prosper you, to give you a hope and a future.”

With Wings As Eagles

With Wings As Eagles

If you are wondering what kind of plan God has for you, then let us go a little higher in our understanding. In fact let us go far higher in our understanding and dare to see our life from God’s point of view. Let us dare to dream in the truth of the Word of God for this is where the Eagles sore: free and high!

I believe God gave us the example of Eagles souring because this is the place of effortless momentum. A place of power, strength and success. And all the Eagle has done is to yield to the forces of nature already established in the Earth. The Eagle is taking advantage of air currents, atmospheric changes and prevailing winds.

Our first clue therefore to achieving an ‘over-coming’ life is to take advantage of the God-given power already available in the Spiritual atmosphere.

This is the place to be found in Christ Jesus. Father God, by faith in Christ Jesus, has already released to us all the Spiritual power we will ever need In Christ.

Jesus has connected us to the power of God the Word.

In Him we can do everything He has promised. We can drawer on His immense grace to prosper in everything we turn our hands to. For when our faith – as tiny as it may be – is fully invested in the enormity of God’s faith – through Jesus – then we will see the fulness of God’s power. He’ll get the job done. He’ll heal your body. He’ll set captives free from emotional hurts, depression and offence.

In fact, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.” Phi 4:13

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