Coaching – the ‘How To’ Keys to Your God Given Dream

You know you need a God-given Dream when simply nothing else will do! It’s not that there is anything wrong with what you are doing; it could be all going really well. It’s just that you know there is something to lay hold of; something deep in your heart that you need to do.

This is your God-given Dream.

Your God Give Dream

Your God Give Dream

One solution to bringing you closer to your God-given Dream is to get rid of everything you’re currently doing. This is an extremely radical approach and one that will take a will of steel to undertake. But it could well be the action needed! In fact, this is how I went about discovering my own God-given Dream.

I was an un-saved young man; I ran my own successful business; I had plenty of good friends; I lived in a beautiful place by the sea and had everything going for me (in the Natural!) Thankfully, The Lord enabled me to get rid of everything I owned and to start afresh in a new town, new job and new friends. It had to be a radical move; one which in fact lead me finally to The Lord, and to fulfil my desire for a wife and family; and as a Christian Life Coach to help my fellow Christians prosper in all that God has purposed for them.
Below you will find 3 Character types that you you may identify with.

1. If you are a natural ‘Go Getter’ you will no doubt need to keep bringing your Dream to the Lord and allow Him to raise it up in His timing and in His way.

2. If you are a contemplative type, you may try Journalling you ideas and prayerfully presenting them to the Lord and to trusted others for their opinion.

3. If you are a fearful soul and going through healing related to Inner Issues you will
 no doubt benefit from Inner Healing and a closer prayer life with the Father.

Which ever route you take to discovering your God given Dream, the priority is not so much what we get out of it but what Jesus gets out of it! For He is the One to whom all Blessings and honour are due.

Christian Life Coaching will help discover your Dream and fulfil it. Click Here for your Free and without obligation TRIAL COACHING SESSION.

The Session will last 45 minutes and is a great way to begin understanding your Dream.


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