The eyes of the Heart

“The truth is that whatever I give my attention to is what I will get! I know this because the Bible tells us in Proverbs 23:7 that…”as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Which means that I determine my own future based upon what I am focussing on in the imagination of my heart NOW!”The eyes of the HeartThe problem arises when, because of the negative thoughts and pictures I carry in my heart, I meditate on them and begin to speak them out. The soul dutifully outworks these words in real life.

The Bible instructs us over and over again to watch carefully the words we speak. Why? Because those words have the power of life and death! (Also to Bless!)

So what can I do to not only repair the damage I’ve created but to establish new positive pictures in my heart that produce life-giving words from my mouth and fruitful living?

Firstly, I must understand that there is no quick fix! In prayer I might receive a wonderful touch from the Lord, but it won’t necessarily last! My soul needs to be reprogrammed with God’s Word – His Truth – about who I truly am in relationship with HIM!; which calls for a concerted effort to find out what, exactly, God DOES say about me in His Word.

For example: Who I am now in Christ Jesus.?  What do I have as a son in His House? And what plans He has for me – to prosper me and to give me a hope and a future.? (Jer. 29:11)

I cannot skimp on this. I need to make it my ‘profession’ to know the Truth about who I am, and to only think, speak and meditate on Truth. I find I also have to be very careful not to corrupt God’s Word in my heart by listening to fear-filled news items, pessimistic predictions and stress creating relationships. It all seeks to fuel the fire of fear, which in

Which in turn seeks to produce images of death, fear and negativity; whilst the Heart meanwhile dutifully outworks them in my life.

Next Week: “Seeing is Believing”

I am pleased to offer a Fee Trial Coaching Session to help you ‘SEE’ and become who you truly are In Christ Jesus. Are there habits needing to be changed? Thoughts of rejection? All designed to keep you out of God’s purposes and plans for your life:


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