The Perfect Church

Christian Life Coaching

Christian Life Coaching

Do you belong to a church that has it all together concerning revelation from the Leadership – gifts of healing in the Congregation; prophetic insight and discerning the times; friendly, evangelistic and fruitful?

If you do belong to this perfect church may I suggest that you franchise it!

But don’t include in the Prospectus the fact that the Leader of this perfect church is currently taking anti-depressants because of stress and burnout!

And a number of church members have left recently due to disputes related to strange manifestations on the Prayer Line.

And meanwhile, what happened to those very clear prophesies concerning ‘new-birth’?

Instead there seems to be chaos and disappointment and if anything a clear ‘thinning out’ of the Congregation!

So, welcome to the imperfect church in these imperfect days. And why not make it your ministry to pray God’s will be done at this time – for He does have a will at this time.


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