Understanding Heavenly Encounters.

I am happy to include a Guest Post from my friend Jane Parker.

Your Christian Caling

Your Prophetic Calling

Jane is a Christian Minister in the Prophetic. I hope you enjoy!

Prophetic Vision One night in my childhood I woke up straight after having had a dream of an angel coming down the garden path to the front door of our house. It was so vivid I got up in the night and ran to the bathroom window to look out at the garden path! I found my dad already looking out of the same window having had the same dream as me! We both stared out of the window and then returned to bed disappointed that we had not seen the angel.

The following morning I awoke to the sound of my mum laughing and shouting up the stairs “Your angel has been and gone and you both missed him!” I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to find a parcel had arrived in the post from ‘Angel’ Ministries. No doubt they prayed for an angel to deliver the CDs and dad and I had seen it prophetically in dreams!



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