“Don’t Give up!”

800px-Traditional_hat_toss_celebration_at_graduation_from_United_States_Naval_AcademyDo you remember Peter Gabriel’s hauntingly beautiful love song called: “Don’t Give up!”? Well here is an encouraging ‘word’ just for you if you feel in that same situation – Don’t Give Up!

Do you remember how many times you have all-but thrown in the towel – having tried every conceivable route to success; be it related to relationships, health, business or talents  in the church?

Well the truth is that ‘Stepping out of the norm is fraught with problems but it’s a step that has to be taken – regardless of the ‘cost’.

In fact, it seems as though the higher the cost the greater the reward.

Be no longer disappointed. It is all part of the selection process. And remember you do have friends, colleagues and Mentors.


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